Arsenal Art Gallery

Location: Białystok

Area: 3.356 m²

Project: 2012

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Piotr Lutarewicz, Karol Wiśniewski, Anna Daniuk, Iwona Gołko, Rafał Kłos

Awards: Second prize in architecture competition


The boulevards and the river are a crucial element in the spatial composition. Functional arrangement and consistent spatial decisions underline the relationship between art and nature . The building opens onto the area of Biala’s river valley. The entrance terrace at the lower level of boulevards is its integral part and becomes a prestigious element of the boulevards’ planning, ideally suited for spending free time and initiating cultural events. The proposed solution was intended by the authors to become a high quality public space promoting Bialystok as a modern city but with a respect for the history of this place.

The crucial notion of this project was idea of preserving the spatially simple character of interiors, which in combination with relicts of the past are a silent witness of the old power station’s history. In order to minimize interference in the aboveground part of the building, the entrance was located at the -1 level. With this action, the building was divided into two parts: -the aboveground – the exhibition area and the underground part- public, widely available, both distinguished by material and color. The building is cut through by glass window, opening its interior onto a lower part of the boulevards. The entrance space does not interfere with the original rhythm of window openings. The building regained historical elements such as distinctive fascia above the windows. The intact form of the old power station rises above the entrance square to the building.