Sports Hall TG

Location: Tarnowskie Góry, Obwodnica Street

Area: 3.360 m²

Projekt: 2011

Authors: Bogdan Pszonak, Anna Daniuk, Iwona Gołko, Piotr Lutarewicz, Szymon Sadowski, Karol Wiśniewski

We imagined the sports hall in Tarnowskie Góry as a rational and simple architecture, subordinated to its destiny and investment possibilities, possessing distinctive elements, distinguishing itself from similar types of buildings, ,realizing by this, in our opinion, significant postulate of the object’s identification.

The origin of the city is strictly related to the mining industry. Natural resources of precious argentiferous ores were providing the city’s development since the end of the 15th century. Nowadays, the historic Silver Mine and The Black Trout Adit are one of the greatest tourist attractions of the region. In reference to the mining tradition of the city, we shaped the building as a cuboid covered by dark graphite fiber cement boards- a rock block with a hallow perforation. This space-modeled after an excavated corridor–contains a high entering hall with the cloakroom, stairs and an elevator , as well as a climbing wall. The dynamic geometry and vivid colors of the inside are announcing, through the large glass walls, the building’s function to the surrounding. When passing by the Obwodnica Street, it’s difficult to not notice the distinguishing hall’s interior and climbing people. The perforation divides the building into two parts and provides a clear functional distinction. The southern part of the building is housing the sports hall adapted for playing futsal, volleyball, basketball , tennis and handball matches with audience on 600 seats with a possibility of expanding up to 800 as well as locker-room and sanitary facilities corresponding to the guidelines of sports federations. Suspended curtains are enabling dividing the pitch into three independent volleyball training pitches. In the northern part of the building, we’ve placed squash rooms with locker-room facilities and office rooms as well as café on the first floor.