House with a head office of the firm

Location: Suwałki, Staszica Street

Area: 418 m²

Project: 2006

Realization: 2008

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak

Building is located in the western part of Suwałki center, among the building development of low single-family houses and tenement-houses. The building completes one of the corners in the most important crossing in this city. The urban planning conditions required keeping the height of the eaves at the same level as the adjacent buildings and placing an altitude dominant in the street corner. In response to these requirements, we designed the form as a continuation of an existing building folded upwards. Though the it is a modern form, it still fits into the existing context. Traditional building development is somehow the source of our house. The ground floor is designed to be a headquarter of investor’s firm with an additional office for rent, and higher levels as suitable for living. In the tower, highlighting the corner, we proposed the office- a place of work and above it- a terrace with a view on the surrounding area. The standardized aluminum siding and detail of eaves with a hidden gutter underline sculptural way of shaping the form. The color refers to the brick from which the pre-war nearby houses and tenement house were built.