Krzemionki nature reserve

The complex of buildings functioning for the purpose of archeological and nature reserve in Krzemionki near Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski 

Location: Krzemionki

Area: 3.754 m²

Project: 2007

Authors: Anna Pszonak  Bogdan Pszonak  Krzysztof Butrym

In order to highlight the unique character of this place, our idea was based on genesis of after-coalmining landscape of the reserve. The design creates metaphorical space, referring to human and nature’s forces, to which, during a few thousand years, the area was subjected. The key to shaping the building’s form is subjecting its structure to the same forces. The land’s morphology was as modified as a result of coalmining activities of the Neolithic man. Consistently, the entering square, playing at the same time the role of the roof over the building’s underground- exhibition space- was diversified with “shell-pits” – contemporary record of the exploiting flint technique, in times of the Neolith. Above-ground part of the building, towering above the forest line is inspired by the natural form of flint in calcareous rock. An assortment of elevation finishing materials which are reflecting the picture the stone’s cross-section is heightening the effect. Simultaneously, wanting to refer to the spatial context, we applied natural materials- wood and white colored concrete-calcareous rock. Thanks to mentioned foundations, we wanted to create a program scenography, frames of public space defined as building’s function. It all resulted in coherent interaction of modern architecture and its meaning with the original surrounding.