Ostrowiecki Brewery of Culture

Location: Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski

Area: 11.920 m²

Project: 2010

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Michał Horba, Adam Marquardt, Piotr Wiosna

The first prize in architecture competition

OBK is in our understanding an interdisciplinary center, a place of interrelations between individual functions. The abundance of artistic disciplines inspires the dialogue and the search on their joint or else between them. It makes the Ostrowiecki Brewery of Culture an object open for the art and the spectator! Dialogue- this time between the old and the new- is also the main architectural keynote of the designed buildings…

Opinion of Jury:

The proposed solution closes the quarter of OBK from the northern and eastern side and creates a courtyard in the central part of the foundation. On the southern part of the buildings, in a place adjoining to the Office of Artistic Exhibitions a new cubature was added- one-storeyed building open onto the courtyard. The courtyard itself with the parking lot of the OBK is separated from it with strips of green. Added object are in their form(shape and color) corresponding to historical brewery and engaging in some kind of a dialogue, but using contemporary means of communication through its elegant simplicity and sparing in detail are still modern and- what’s most important- in opinion of Jury will not become “out-of- date” in a few years’ time. The whole proposition, not only in urban scales but also in architectural one, is still clear and simple, leaving the future users a varied possibility of the courtyard exploit.

The complex contains three institutions: City Public Library – MBP, Office of Artistic Exhibitions – BWA and City Centre of Culture– MCK.