Lubartów Centre of Culture

Location: Lubartów, Ks. Popiełuszki Street

Area: 3.112 m²

Project: 2008

Authors – in cooperation with Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Krzysztof Butrym, Michał Dudicz, Andrzej Leszczyński, Michalina Milkiewicz, Wacław Ostrowski

The main keynote behind this project was creating a building with individual features of spatial shaping, which artistic quality would be expressed in sculptural composition, easily recognizable in the city’s space. It should be read as a consistent and coherent form “freed” from associations and references to other objects. Shortly speaking, it has to manifest own individual features and become a city’s flagship.

Three mutually juxtaposed with each other solids make a whole foundation and start a dialogue subordinating to the main compositional axis, pointing the east-west direction. Differentiated heights and directions give solid specific dynamics. Stylistic consistency of the whole arrangement was underlined by the homogenous material- concrete cladding panels – the stone of the present. This material coherence is used as well in the building’s insides and at the square, additionally highlighting sculptural character of the composition. Assigning to each of this block an individual functional unit enables easy orientation and independent use of every one of the zones. Open towards the city side foyer, altogether with the entrance zone gives an access to music and theatre multifunction auditoriums. The square interpenetrated with the foyer, is meant to be an outside space for different kinds of cultural activities- exhibitions, concerts, happenings, and street theatre performations.