Library, Bialystok University of Technology PB

Location: Białystok, Zwierzyniecka Street

Area: 7.856 m²

Project: 2008 Authors – in cooperation with Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Oskar Berent, Krzysztof Butrym, Anna Rybowicz, Krzysztof Trochimowicz, Piotr Woliński – Atelier Loegler

Honorable mention in the architecture competition

Jury’s opinion:

Awarded with the honorable mention: for formal searching for building’s architecture as a new icon of the university, resulted as a form asymmetrically strung on the main axis of the cubic gate, becoming ideological functional as well as spatial connector between campus and the city; for original landscape solutions of park surrounding the library, referring to the character and geometry of Podlasie’s landscape; for attempts to integrate with the campus original solution, visible not only in textural and material solutions of the architecture but also its own orthogonal disposition, derived from the banded arrangement of the whole group; for clear functional solutions of the library, affirmed by interesting solutions of public space interiors: a hall, a reading room, a storage room with a free access and a conference room as well as their mutual transparency.