Three Crosses Square

Location: Warsaw, Three Crosses Square

Project: 2010

Authors – in cooperation with Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Dorota Bahan-Dworak, Rafał Kłos, Piotr Lutarewicz, Izabela Maliszewska, Krzysztof Siuta – Atelier Loegler, Karol Wiśniewski

Emphasizing historically shaped space, improving the significance of the Square in the arrangement of Stanislawowski Axis and The Royal Route as well as preserving the appropriate balance between human and necessary usable requirements- these are the basic ideological foundations of the proposed project solutions.

The project solutions involve reduction of vehicle communication and parking lot functions. This change brings back the potential of the main city square together with the exposition of its historical values. We isolated three zones with a noticeable dominating functions in the square area, according to the logic of arrangement of the north-south direction. The eastern part of the square with availability to services and buildings of the Institute for the Deaf as well as the Sheraton hotel. The middle part with the most characteristic object- St. Aleksander’s church, becomes free from the vehicle traffic offering spacious place not only for walking, meetings and relaxing but also for the special, formal public events, secular and church ones. The southern part, adjacent to the edifice of the State Economic Planning Committee is supposed to be a green area dominated with relaxation function. Homogenous arrangement of the flooring picture bringing a new, modern esthetical dimension of the space being at the same time an element of Square’s composition assuring exposure of advantages of the area and the historical buildings.