The Independence Square

Location: Białystok, Plac Niepodległości im. R. Dmowskiego

Project: 2010

Authors – in cooperation with z Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Bogdan Pszonak

The square is located nearly in the heart of the city marked by the iconic building- St. Roch’s church. Built between 1926-1946, designed by Oskar Sosnowski ,because of its unique architecture and a tower 78 meters tall- a great engineering challenge – it became the city’s symbol.

Aim, is a creation of multifunctional space for the citizens and its active use, integrating people with the place. As St. Augustine said: the city isn’t made of buildings but people! Social integration and promotion of the city can get easier with the multifunctional program and a friendly building, open on innovative, creative development with the local variety. The tectonics of forming the square is a result of functional foundations: the upper square, urban loggia- space of spontaneous and organized events and the lower square- outside green space designed for recreation and two-level spatial structure for basic activities connected with culture. Sculptural structure of the square exists in a dialogue with the St. Roch’s church and yet the church is still considered as the square’s obvious dominant.