Kościuszki Plaza in Bialystok

Location: Białystok, Rynek Kościuszki

Project: 2002

Authors: Artur Maziewski, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak

The area which we covered directly overlaps with the historical center of the old town. The key to form this space was emphasizing and continuing the historical foundations with the use of language of modern architecture. Our goal was to establish a system of correlated spaces, completing each other, becoming a huge attraction not only for the tourists but the inhabitants of Bialystok as well. Taking into account theses foundations we got urban interiors of different moods and with a clear, separate function. Referring to the historically formed role of the southern part of Kościuszki Square, we’ve decided to reconstruct the weigh solid in a shape of a glass cube with an overprinted image of historical elevations – entrance to the underground trading spaces. The city hall building- the central part of the old town is now occupied by The Historical Museum of Białystok. In underground, the exhibition space interpenetrates with the trading space. The eastern part of Kościuszki Plaza serves as a place for gatherings. It is conducive thanks to a hollow in the middle of the square and terrace stairs on the southern side. New entrance to the crypt under the 17th century NMP church from the Kościuszki Plaza provides a place for the public and highlights its own former role of a church square. A green alley emphasized at the Kosciuszki Plaza (with green lanterns) joins the town market with park and the garden and palace Branickich arrangement. In the park, we decided to suggested an outdoor art gallery. Jana Pawła II Square is dominated by cultural function and smoothly directs to the Legionowa Street while locating under its surface Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej (The Modern Art Center). The whole area of the square is available to the public allowing a new way of viewing and perceiving the surrounding and Branickich palace from a different perspective.