Boulevards of Biala river

Location: Białystok, Boulevards of Biala river

Area: 47,1 ha

Project: 2010

Authors – in cooperation with a Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Marek Ejsztet, Marta Halicka, Joanna Karwowska, Rafał Kłos, Karol Wiśniewski

Areas by the water have their own unique rank and original quality, serving spending free time, they are prestigious places, contributing to the city’s landscape. The proposed strategy of the boulevards creation is supposed to become also a marketing element for the city- a synonym of innovation and abilities of modernization in connection with the respect for ecological values and the tradition of the place.

The keynote of the project is establishing a new quality of the boulevards’ space as a complex of thematic parks, their integration with the city, with the analogous minimized interference with the natural landscape. In the area of our work we have noticed five separate enclaves , assigning to each its own diverse character- from the south: terrain with the first term of realization was defined by us as a boulevard of games and activities connected with the areas of existing housing units, art boulevard with a gallery in a historical building of the power station, boulevard of colors and scents with a place for florists and occasional, local fairs, at the area of pre-war factories built along the boulevard of technic and science, as well as boulevard of contemplation, place of calm, meetings and relaxation amongst greenery. The historically formed land use, destined as recreational places, becomes an impulse for formal statement, as well as a way of transmitting history of the city’s development and preserving it for the future generations.