Multilevel parking lot in Sanok

Multilevel parking lot with the bus station

Location: Sanok, Jagiellońska Street

Area: 6.635 m²

Project: 2007

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Konrad Szlegier

The second prize in the architecture competition

The multilevel garage above the bus station in an exposed location adjacent to city center, it’s a real challenge . The main question was how to assign technical function into the context of the existing place: small building development of the city center and area’s complex topography.

The simple form fits into the shape of the estate using to the maximum possible area. From the most exposed side- Jagiellońska Street, the building’s edge was bent into a concave arch shape. Color razor blades on the elevation present a computer raster view on the picturesque city’s areas- the representatives of this region. The action is validated with the building being located above the main bus station- the guests are welcomed by this view. The rest elevations are soften by vertical wooden skirting. The modern architectural form fits into the surrounding, presenting at the same time common features for all the buildings with the same function: simplicity in the solid’s shaping and diligence in economy of constructional and material solutions.