Meblopol factory

Location: Suwałki, Sejneńska Street

Area: 2.065 m²

Project: 2006

Author: Bogdan Pszonak

The designed building is a fusion of production space with office space into one. The investor expected applying simple technical and material solutions with a profitable economical effect as well as mobile manufacturing space allowing making changes in the production process. We wanted to somehow “pack” the whole into a presentable headquarter of the firm but without covering its basic function.

The building became a form of a tin cube from which administrative part, the offices of production leaders and communication were pulled out like drawers. The communication part was distinguished by the color expressing the functional plan of the building on the outside. Elevation material: aluminum plate in silver grey and red, laminated plywood and glass as well as elements such as concrete wall painted in diagonal stripes or the redesigned bridge above the main entrance highlighting industrial character of the building.