Housing estate Podlaskie Eko-wille

Habitable and service-trade buildings

Location: Wasilków, Białostocka Street

Area: 47.848 m²

Project: 2009

Authors – in cooperation with Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler, Bogdan Pszonak, Rafał Kłos

The project was based on the idea of creating a housing estate on the foundation of strict order in the plan, which in reality lead to a very varied spacious structure- a result of collision with topography, the dialogue of rigor and order with a diversified terrain configuration. The lines of buildings, located perpendicularly to the direction of terrain slope, cut through semi-public space for the inhabitants. Buildings for service& trade, a kinder garden and a nursery are increasing the value and quality of the living.

Ecological dimension of the proposed housing settlement is expressed not only in a villa-like character of housing estate or the balanced greenery but most importantly-health values, including insolation and daily lighting of apartments (with the exception of the rooms lighted only from the north). We proposed a housing estate distinguished by the economy of exploitation and realization- important marketing aspects, resulting directly from technical solutions especially the ones with the use of renewable energy sources and characteristic of spatial, material and functional solutions, not only in an urban but also an architectural context. Optimal adjustment of urban arrangement to topography allowed to limit digging: terrain level, traffic arrangement and technical infrastructure led to a minimum and to introduce a system of natural parking lots ventilation.