Housing and service quarter in Suwałki

Housing and service estate

Location: Suwałki, Noniewicza Street

Area: 5.708 m²

Project: 2009

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Krzysztof Butrym

The building plot located in the center of Suwałki is hidden inside of a quarter between two main streets. The project is a result of inspiration with spatial arrangement of the outbuildings at the back of the apartment houses. Traditional form was treated as starting point for shaping modern architecture. Western elevation is defined by characteristic hanging three tops of transverse parts of the building responsible for arrangement of the opposite outbuildings. From the east, quarter is closed by a solid with a developed roof. The building was linked with the city structure by organizing a longitudinal square from the south, being a part of a walking route joining Kosciuszki Street and Noniewicza Street. The services were located on the glazed ground floor. Materials traditional for this place such as brick and patinated copper sheet metal get well adjusted to climate of the scenery.