Housing estate Bison-Bial

Program – spatially analysis of multifunctional housing estate

Location: Białystok, Łąkowa Street- terrain of Bison-Bial

Area: 302.345 m²

Project: 2008

Authors – in cooperation with PW Arkon: Jan Kabac – PW Arkon, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Joanna Jarczewska – PW Arkon, Joanna Krysiewicz, Rafał Kiszko – model

Project fits into a tendency of urban renewal in post-industrial areas located in the city’s midtown. The design of the terrain of 8,6 ha located in the midtown district was aimed at estimating maximal investing possibilities.

Composition is based on two perpendicularly intersecting axes which are associated with public spaces of different nature. The direction linking the midtown with a commuter rail stop , gathers service and sales functions of local and more general backgrounds. The east-west direction, completes the arrangement of green areas in the closest neighborhood and became associated with cultural, sport and recreational functions. The area was assigned with broader than local functions and a distinctive way of modeling the architectural forms. The suggested spatial structure is a result of combining 2 systems: quarter- edge building development and point system one. The effect of it, is a hybrid, which from the one side is clearly establishing public spaces and semi-private interiors of the quarters, and on the other side- the point buildings are deciding of the complex’s character and form. Innovative approach allowed on achieving a high rate of building development but at the same time saving a large biologically active area.

Project was presented at IV International Conference of Science as an Apartmanet of the 21st century as an example of building development with a very high rate at a large surface of public, easily accessible green areas.