House in Karakule

Location: Karakule

Area: 532 m²

Project: 2009

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Karol Wiśniewski, landscape project: Agnieszka Westfal

Investor’s dream was to move away from the city and to live near the nature. We were asked for cooperation at stage of a terrain choosing, thanks to which, we knew from the beginning what was crucial from the investor’s point when it comes to location and we also had a chance to get to know each other well.

The task wasn’t easy because we were supposed to design a house filled with light, open onto the surrounding and yet offering a sense of security and privacy. Longitudinal estate adjacent to the road from east is not flat- the ground difference is about 4 meters. The stone wall with narrowing up section works as axis of composition. On the southern side of it, we located rooms where direct sunlight is needed. On the north, we placed a garage, dressing rooms, bathrooms, a kitchen and in an elongated part directed towards the south- a home office. Communication coincides with composition axis creating long views closed by the landscape. The stonewall by the living room and the stairs are lighted by a skylight. Since the aspect of safety and sense of privacy was of the great importance to the inhabitants as well as the lightning and openness on the landscape the windows by the ground aren’t big but together with the horizontal arrangement of glazing elements under the ceiling of rooms, give a panoramic view on the skyline: the joint of forest with the sky. Almost entirely glazed is the living room. The ground falls low in this spot therefore big glass walls aren’t easily accessible from the outside. The relationship with nature is underlined by horizontal divisions, fragmented and varied forms bringing softness to the solid of the house and natural materials: stone and wood.