House in Niewodnica

Location: Niewodnica Koƛcielna

Area: 209 m²

Project: 2010

Authors: Bogdan Pszonak, Piotr Lutarewicz

House out in an open landscape, the view on the western side and insolation of all the rooms by the afternoon sunlight- these are the main guidelines for this project. The solid became a form of longitudinal concrete cube without two walls from the south and the west. The house separates itself from the route and from the northern side. Internal spaces show off large glazing from the south and west and wooden finished walls. The borderlines between the inside and the surrounding landscape wear off by glass and terraces: already on the outside but still in the boundaries of the cube’s space. Open and spacious ground floor holds the common function for all the household members. In an open corner a two-level living room with a mezzanine intended as a bookcase were located. The mezzanine opens the private floor onto the living room space and on the western view.