Un-private house

Dwelling house with a studio and gallery of modern art.

Location: Białystok, Kilińskiego Street

Area: 624 m²

Project: 2004

Author: Anna Pszonak

New thought in architecture- award given by the President of Bialystok

Though the project is a theoretical one, it on an actual area and it corresponds to expectations of the actual investor- an artist, Marta Pszonak. The form was inspired by a meteor- an alien object that during the time of falling changes its surrounding changing itself as well. It may be said, that the object is aiming to function in symbiosis with the context but it also has got aspirations of being an individual and through this, becoming perceived in the social consciousness as a unique place in the city’s space.

The building is divided into two parts: artist’s apartment and art gallery. From the front, terrain level was lowered forming a crater that became an entrance square to the gallery and a place of artistic events in the public space. The entrance do the apartment part is located from the north (perceived from the street level). Artists wanted for the internal spaces to interpenetrate just as private live with interpenetrates with her work. The spaces are joined by a staircase with two independent flights of stairs modeled after the DNA spiral. Stairs blur the boundaries between the living and public part- artist’s everyday life becomes an integral element of the gallery, a spectacle and the exhibition spaces are also function a work space. One of the gallery levels may be closed at any moment and become a studio. The living space, through the perforations in the flooring slabs, flows from the bottom to the top.