House by the Zielone Lake

Location: Nowa Huta

Area: 574 m²

Project: 2007

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak

The project was situated in a very unique location. A large area with an escarpment of 10-metres high falling into south and the shoreline of Zielone Lake astonishes with its open space and remarkable views. The restrictions from the local zoning plan required the use of symmetrical gable roof. It convinced us to experiment with traditional, simple form, which we’ve decided to camber in a shape of the lake’s shoreline. The house was located at the top of the escarpment at the required distance of 100 meters from the lake’s shore in a way which made the western end of the building hanging above the declivous terrain. The house is divided into two zones : public- the southern wing and private- the eastern one. Public part (from the south) opens on an oblong terrace with the glazing. Individual parts are closed in a wooden cube giving their inhabitants the sense of security. In our project, the both parts are highly contrasting with each other. Public spaces were smoothly connected in an enfilade layout. Borders between the function zones work as seemingly loosely scattered elements in the interior: elliptic cube of sauna and a cubicoid fire place. In the central place of the house we situated an outdoor fire place with round glazing in the roof. Casual arrangement expresses the feeling of openness in a relation with large glazing elements, the inside of the house pervades to the outside offering wide, clear views. From the north, from the driveway side , the interior space is closed by a stone wall.