Headquarter of Schindler Poland

Location: Warsaw, Postępu Street

Area: 4.822 m²

Project: 2011

Authors: Bogdan Pszonak, Piotr Lutarewicz, Karol Wiśniewski

The investor’s ambition was to create a project for the headquarter of Schindler Polska that would become a part of the developing eco-friendly trend in architecture. The building was designed with the respect of the guidelines and norms of Swiss certificate energy-efficiency –Minerfie-P. The main idea is the central atrium- the building’s lungs between the existing building and the two designed parts. The internal space serves the gravitational air exchange, lightning office rooms as well as cooling down the building during the summertime. Massive parts from the east and south protect the atrium from overheating in the summer and excessive coolness by the prevailing winds from the east in winter. Sloping wall of the atrium counteracts the occurrence of hanging warm air masses beneath the roof and improves air circulation. Atrium also serves one important function: it’s a place of integration, rest and recreation. This way, it motivates the employees, supports the creativity and free exchange of thoughts. Spacious interior, full of natural light and greenery proclaims the pro ecological aspirations of the object to its users.