The city hall in Bialystok

Building of the new head office for Municipality in Bialystok

Location: Białystok, Rynek Sienny

Area: 28.741 m²

Project: 2006

Authors – in cooperation with PW Arkon: Jan Kabac – PW Arkon, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Krzysztof Butrym, Anna Dec – PW Arkon

The city hall is a special building, important for many reasons, including political, social and spatial ones. The most important thing is for the city hall to be identified with the city and that the inhabitants would acknowledge the building as their City Hall. We based our idea on this foundation which can presented in a slogan “the city enters the city hall”.

The structure of the city hall is organized around the common, open public space being an extension of space from the interior square- Rynek Sienny, under “the shared roof”. It gathers both incoming inhabitants and small cubature from the Młynowa Street as well as park symbolizing historical building development of this city. Light, clear and spacious internal passage open onto the entrance square as well as Młynowa Street direction, park and the opera house, integrating the inside with the outside.