Apartment block Spacerowa 8

Location: Białystok, Spacerowa Street

Area: 1.981 m²

Project: 2010

Realization: 2013

Authors: Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak, Karol Wiśniewski, Rafał Kłos

The neighboring housing is very varied: pre-war wooden houses and high, big blocks of flats. This heterogeneous context was questioning the climate of this place. As an answer, we decided to create a building with distinguished character loosely inspired by the context.

The building’s eastern wall folds up creating a withdrawn last level which is covered by the roof parted in to three pieces. This action, together with the extension of the wall outside the building’s outline, and the shape of balconies and balustrades, gives the solid a dynamic character. To underline this effect, materials of different variety were used. The eastern wall and the sixth level finish with aluminum sheet of grey color, the rest of elevations is dominated by boards and plaster colored white. According to the investor’s wish, large areas of the balconies and terraces as well as glazing joining them with the internal space, increases the functional values of the apartments. On the last level, four penthouses were placed. Their height may reach up to 3,4 meters.