Housing Estate ZMK

Location: Białystok, Gen. J. Bema Street

Area: 33.153 m²

Project: 2010

Authors – in cooperation with Atelier Loegler: Romuald Loegler – Atelier Loegler Bogdan Pszonak Piotr Lutarewicz Karol Wiśniewski

The good insolation in every flat, open views, interaction with greenery, simple communication service, infrastructure economical in the number of roads as well as inclusion into the structure of the city- these are the essential project aims.

We decided to base the urban planning composition on five main principles. To open and to invite. We have noticed the connections between green terrains, which are a part of the greater structure of recreational terrains. Interesting from a formal point of view, and inspiring in terms of functionality- ground massive-a shooting range- exposed, becomes the main point in the recreational program, a gesture inviting to the housing estate. To integrate and to gather. Breaking the effect of segregation and dispersion, the open structure clearly establishes common space of integration between different functions as well as between the residents and outside guests, assuring ( in addition) the sense of security. To diversify the typography. In order to obtain simple and uncomplicated urban planning composition providing equal illumination to all living quarters we aimed at adding variety to the area by avoiding the schematizing and monotony. To live in greenery. Thanks to clear and unambiguous terrain disposition, the area directly surrounding the habitable buildings was freed of the parking spots in favor of the green terrains. The priority of pedestrian zone. Promoting healthy lifestyle and providing a safe pedestrian and bicycle movement is not just a fashion- it is a necessity. Simplifying and minimizing the vehicle movement in favor of developed complex of pedestrian and bicycle traffic is also translating into an economic effect.