Lecture and Performace Hall

Lecture and Performance Hall for Faculty of Pedagogy and Psychology at the University of Bialystok

Location: Białystok, Świerkowa Street

Area: 2.747 m²

Project: 2008

Realization: 2013

AuthorsARKON JAN KABAC & METEOR ARCHITECT: Jan Kabac, Anna Pszonak, Bogdan Pszonak

Cooperation: Anna Dec, Joanna Jarczewska-Sodel, Agnieszka Laskowska, Emilia Piechowska, Leszek Sakowicz

The second prize in the architecture competition


Modern and strong in its expression architectural form creates an accent at the corner of the street. It presents at the same time a feature shared by every collegiate building – an order and a discipline in solid’s shaping and elevation distribution. Through the rhythm of sections it refers to the most important context - Zwierzyniecki Forrest. Soft curve of the front elevation wall highlights the main entrance. Horizontal cuts correspond to the internal layout of the rooms and determine an accent at the corner of the building. The most suitable material that naturally could be formed in such a way is copper. Other elevations in relation to the neighboring buildings have been finished with gray concrete bricks.
The most important element of the functional programme is a scene with fully equipped theater and two auditoriums with 300 and 150 seats. Acoustic ceiling screens have been made of perforated copper sheet and copper grid with reference to the front elevation. Soundproof mobile walls enable any division of this space. After removal of all mobile walls a centrally located stage is connected with two audiences for a total of 450 seats. There is also a possibility to separate stage room itself and link it to the entrance hall. In this configuration, the scene serves as an exhibition space and in the same time auditoriums function as lecture halls. Other facilities include: theater, music and plastic arts rooms, lecture halls and cafeteria.