Headquarter of Elektra company

Manufacturing building with a storage and an office part

Location: Ożarów Mazowiecki, K. Kamińskiego Street

Area: 2.633 m²

Project: 2011

Authors: Bogdan Pszonak, Piotr Lutarewicz, Karol Wiśniewski

The building consists of two parts: the upper-office one and the lower- manufacturing one. The office part distinguishes itself with height and the shape of the roof being a solution to the local spatial regulations imposing symmetrical roofs with a roof pitch of at least 25 degrees. The roof was shaped in order for the solid to communicate a different function and become a trade mark of the firm in heterogeneous neighborhood. The ridge of the roof runs along the diagonal line of the bureau building. In parallel to the oblique line of the eaves, the undercutting is creating the impression of building being detached from the ground. The main entrance was located from the southern side, under the suspended part. Glass walls of the reception room are penetrating the surrounding and inviting to its inside. The vertical form is strengthen by horizontal window lines and razor blades of colored glass. The production and storage section is a typical, indifferent to its surrounding tin box with horizontal divisions on its elevations.