Meteor Architects is a team of people who share the commitment, optimism and the same vision of modern architecture. With the use of imagination, talent and knowledge we combine into one a an often complex and contradictory factors: spatial, historical and cultural contexts, functionality and energy efficiency of the building with expectations and ambitions of the investor. Every topic is a new challenge, demanding equal commitment at all stages of work: from the first idea and a sketch, through multi-branch technical documentations, arrangements and administrative proceedings to the realization and final completion of the project. This difficult and complex process brings us satisfaction on its every stage.

Our team is formed of our former students from the Technical University in Bialystok who proved to be talented and responsible. The work at the university makes it easy to keep track of changes in international trends and any material or technical innovations. Contact with the academic world enables us to broad our theoretical knowledge and enhance the variety of its practical uses. It is of special importance at quickly developing technologies, especially in the environmentally friendly architecture.

Architecture isn’t created only by architects- there are big teams of specialists working on the projects: constructors, electricians, acousticians, roadmen, experts, technologists and many others. The variation of subjects on which we have been working, enabled us to cooperate with experienced bureaus of different trades which engage creatively in the realization of our ideas.

In our opinion, the fundamental value is a dialogue. Establishing positive relations between the building and surrounding , its history, tradition and atmosphere of the place, it is a true determiner of architecture’s quality. The dialogue with the future user, considering of his needs, habits and dreams is a guarantee of a well-served architecture. We feel obliged to create a positive atmosphere while working with a client who is considered to be our partner during the designing process. Keeping the deadlines and budget limits of the investment is our obligation.